WindMaster 3.11.2

by Ulf Ekstedt 25. November 2007 00:00
WindMaster 3.11.2 with the following error corrections and features
  • More flexible handling of altitudes. Only actual measurements are used for input
  • Predicted paths are introduced. It is default on and can be toggled with "classic view" using the key S
    • Green and red line for climb and descent respectively with vertical cursing speed (adjusted with Q, A & Z keys and show in top of map window)
    • Blue line indicates the path if the current vertical speed is maintained
    • The filled circle indicates a altitude change of 100m (300 ft)
  • Estimated landing for vertical cursing speed and current cruising speed are indicated as red and blue filled squares
  • It is possible to have cylinder-shaped boxes by using the radius attribute. The boxes are now always shown
  • The final approach altitude is set to 0 if the target is a box
  • It is possible to have 3 radius for targets and next targets. These are set in the select target window. The maximum radius has been increased to 100 km
  • Ctrl+R is the shortcut for replay last track file
  • Fly-in paths are calculated from below when balloon i located below final approach altitude



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