WindMaster 4.13.5

by Ulf Ekstedt 2. October 2011 21:37

WindMaster 4.13.5 with the following features and error corrections compared to 4.13:0:

  • All user-created files are now stored in "WindMaster data" directory structure. Note that some directories in Windows XP has to be moved manually.
  • Windgraps are backed-up every 30:th second and recovered after restart
  • Balloon symbols for German balloons
  • Make the repair function generic, it works on any type of file, Remove last line if not properly ended during replay
  • Support for TimeLine in Google Earth, Reference to 2.2 of kml standard
  • Reverse direction is placed in parenthesis in the tool-tip box by the mouse in map
  • Converts FAI-Logger files to XML files that can be replayed in WindMaster
  • Correcting run-time error when USB-stick for storing pibal-data when the stick has been removed
  • "Go To" bottom introduced in single waypoint
  • Fix error with not ending reply
  • Using "Z" as prefix in log files for UTC according to xml-standard
  • Remove unreliable position for waypoints


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