WindMaster 4.20.0

by Ulf Ekstedt 1. January 2014 18:45

WindMaster 4.20.0 with the following features compared to 4.16.13:

  • All sub-directories in "WindMaster data" can be accessed with file short-cuts (*.lnk). The shortcut shall have the same name as the orignal folder. This could be useful when:
    • Sharing maps over several users. The regions are then place under shared document 
    • Having all the regions on another drive e.g. on SD-card on hand-held computers
  • Minor adjustment of LUREF coordinate conversion
  • Introducing  CH1903 (Swiss) projection
  • Support for coexistence with WindMaster 5
    • Error message when multiple instance of any version of WindMaster is launched
    • GPS configuration is changed.
    • The generic GPS "GPS with NMEA protocol"

The number 4.20.0 is used in order to enable the versions to be inline with WindMaster 5 (4.20.0 <=>5.0.0)


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