WindMaster 5.1.1 & 4.21.1

by Ulf Ekstedt 6. April 2014 13:33

WindMaster 5.1.1(WindMaster Setup 5.1.1.exe) and 4.21.1(WindMaster Software, 4.21.1.msi) with changes of the following common functions

  • Fixing problem with converting ".wpt" files GeoDatum "Australian Geodetic 1966"
  • Fixing Error message: "Menu item .... not found"
  • Fixing fault when running ".plt"-files without altitude
  • Remove NMEA error messages when satellites are beyond horizon

WindMaster 5.1.1 with full windows tablet support for touch screen

  • Framework changed from Net 4.5 to Net 4.0. This is less demanding
  • All GPS trackings are logged decoded (with Latitude and Longitude etc) instead as a NMEA string


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