3 About Windmaster

The idea of Windmaster was "born" during World Air Games in Seville 2001

Product development started summer 2001

First flight test

November 25th, 2001

First used in competition

Swedish nationals 2002-2009

All Europeans since 2003

All Worlds 2004

Continuous development


Support balloon pilots in

  1. navigation
  2. competition, altitude and target selection
  3. fiesta flights

Exchanging information

  1. With ground crew
  2. With other balloons

Evaluation of flights

Pilot training

  1. Debriefing



The "Houston" Concept

The pilot in the balloon does all the flying
The ground-crew in the retrieval vehicle do the analyzing and hard-work

Ground crew work:

  1. Fly-on Target selection
  2. Optimal Flight-path selection
  3. Task-sheet handling

Communication link:

  1. Normal voice over radios
  2. Radio data link


Month List