WindMaster 4.16.13

by Ulf Ekstedt 8. October 2013 16:07

WindMaster 4.16.13 with the following features compared to 4.16.12:

  • Labels ar possible to show if zoomout scale <=10% (Can be disabled with Menu item "Maps"/"Show labels")
  • All types of allowed files shows up as first alternative in File Open Dialog box
  • It is now possible to replay track from Europeans logger as gpx files.
    • Waypoints are included in created xml files
    • Waypoints that has name that starts with "Goal" are placed on a route
  • WindGraph input
    • Name is used to identify windgraph (Several names are possible)
    • A button is include to update own wind graph with entered wind data
    • Tool tip text added to textbox for describing the input format
    • Show Pibal on map based on menu item "Maps"/"Show Wind Graphs on Map
  • Introducing Predict Flight Path
    1. Enter a wind graph and make it your own
    2. Right clich the mouse and select pop-up menu "Predict Flight" and then either "From here... " or "To here ..." for the selected crusing altitude and duration
    3. A route will be created based based on current vertical cruising speed
  • Change color of waypoint type "Route" to Orange
  • Added support for Luref (Luxembourg) projection 

Bug fixes:

  • Correcting fault when using Route waypoints
  • Fixing some faults in decoding gpx file
  • Remove Weather report item from menu 


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