WindMaster 4.14.2

by Ulf Ekstedt 30. July 2012 22:22

WindMaster 4.14.2 with the following features and error corrections compared to 4.14.0:

  • Perfect map calibration when zooming in on non-linear maps (e.g. maps used in Worlds)
  • Maps that are calibrated for one grid system can be used in all grid system within 10 deg longitude e.g. nearby UTM zone
  • Status bar at bottom with colors for all devices
    • Grey or not present: Not configured
    • Light blue: Status unknown (During start-up)
    • Green: Working and OK
    • Yellow: Some type of degraded performance
    • Red: Device not working or not present
  • Possible to receive tracks over Internet within same team
  • Wind-graphs, waypoints and target-selection are also sent over Internet
  • It is possible to send Web-cam images over Internet. They are displayed on the web
  • Regions are reloaded when: Changing grid system, after Region import, before Select Regions and after a special menu command
  • Negative easting and northing coordinates are displayed as "W" and "S" instead of "E-" and "N-" respectively
  • Fixing fault when not changing grid system in Option dialog box


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WindMaster 4.14.0 and tracking web

by Ulf Ekstedt 26. July 2012 10:43

WindMaster 4.14.0 with the following features and error corrections compared to 4.13.7:

  • Support for internet tracking.
    • The tracking is base on an internet-based server. WindMaster sends every 30 :th second compressed tracking data to this database. Tracking positions are buffered when no network is available and sent when you get your network coverage back.
    • You can only activate this function with license file that is dated not earlier than 2012-06-08
    • The procedures are
      • Connect your Laptop to internet over a phone etc.
      • Activate send of tracks is done with menu item “Communication/Online internet” (shift+F10)
      • Traffic is shown with the menu item “Communication/Show online form”
    • The tracking-data can be viewed from any Smartphone via Google-maps or via Google earth
    • The term "online" in menus has been changed to "tracking"
  • Enabling License download directly to WindMaster. You can easily upgrade the licence files from the help menu. the files are now stored in directory "WindMaster data/License".
  • Some new balloon icons are added

The new web is also avaialble. It has the following features

  • Tracks from several sources are availible:
    • Real-time internet from WindMaster
    • APRS tracks
    • Uploaded tracks
  • The tracks are possible to display in both "Google Earth" and Google Maps"
  • You can delete trackpoint






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