3.1.2 Recording and replaying


  1. XML for all storages
  2. NMEA messages are stored as is
  3. Simple Text and GRMN are stored as XML Entities
  4. Some redundant messages are removed
  5. Additional WindMaster messages in Files
    1. Target selection
    2. Target drop
    3. Estimated marker landing
    4. Received APRS messages
    5. Sent and Received SMS messages
    6. GND setting

Download Stored Track in GPS

  1. For Garmin GPS only
  2. Altitude
  3. Velocity calculated based on position differences


  1. Add comments


  1. XML files from WindMaster
  2. Any recorded NEMA
  3. Fugawi
  4. OziExplorer
  5. WindMaster messages could be disabled


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