WindMaster 3.14.0

by Ulf Ekstedt 26. August 2008 00:00
WindMaster 3.14.0 with the following features and error corrections
  • An checkbox is added in Callsign translation window. This checkbox controls if a object shall be presented on map and altitude chart.
  • Reset Winds above and below has a dialog box that (below has temporary been out of order but none has notice it)
  • RELAY,TRACE3-3 added to unproto path
  • Garmin GPS 18 PC added to supported GPSes
  • Key "G" in map windows starts pibal readings
  • ComputerID is stored in clipboard when Error mesage of missing, wrong or expired is showed
  • status of broadcast in pibal window is permanently stored
  • fault of converting altitude in compe-files(.igc) has been corrected
  • Aircraft as default haqs been removed from compe files
  • Run-time error for all com ports "Set Comm State Failed" is fixed
  • Run-time error in ShowAllMovingSymbols fixed
  • Run-time error in frmAltitudeChart fixed
  • Run-time error when resizing Pibal window has been fixed
  • Fault of setting Simulated time in replay has been corrected
  • Removed configuration of Garmin NMEA GPSes
  • Error message about license_data is removed



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