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Instructions for WindMaster 5

  1. You can keep previous versions of WindMaster 4 but you can not run them in parallell
  2. Download and install latest version of WindMaster 5 from WindMaster 5 Software
  3. Start WindMaster and enter your username and password to obtain a license. (Note you need to be connected to internet when downloading the license)
  4. Download maps and digital elevation models for Region that concerns you. We recommend that you download these files in the same directory and on a place on the LAN where all your computers could access the files. It is quite a lot of data but you will be impressed of all the maps and digital Elevation Models you have access to.
  5. Start WindMaster and select Menu item Regions/”Import regions …”. Select all files and let WindMaster extract them. It might take a couple of hours but WindMaster works while the files are extracted
  6. You find help in the help file. Just press “F1”.
  7. You can use the track files from the trial for learning WindMaster. I suggest that you run tracks from your previous flights.  You can import them to WindMaster in the following ways:
    • Download Tracks your Garmin GPS. 
    • Use OziExplorer, Compe or Fugawi maps
  8. You are ready for use!

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