Introducing WindMaster 5

by Ulf Ekstedt 1. January 2014 18:59

WindMaster 5 is now introduced.

WindMaster 5 is based on a "Visual Studio 2012" and ".Net Framework 4.5" and that enables:

  • Full use of touch screen
  • Use of Windows 8.1 functions such as Built-in GPS
  • Better robustness
  • More support for internet interaction
  • Better performance since some task are handled by hardware accelerators

A large number of touch screen windows  devices are now available for use such as the one found on

The testing of WindMaster 5 has been done on Toshiba Encore. Encore has a built-in GPS and it is virtualy the only device you need.

WindMaster 4 and WindMaster 5 can be simultaneously installed on the same computer but not used at the same time.

WindMaster 5.0.0 has the following new features compared to WindMaster 4.20.0

  • Support for Windows 8 (and 8.1) Built-in GPS as defined 
  • All NMEA type of GPSes are replaced with "GPS with NMEA protocol"

You might need to upgrade the license file in order to run WindMaster 5

Some legacy obsolete functionality from WindMaster 3 & 4 have been removed from WindMaster 5 These are:

  • 3D window and Showing of tracks in Google Earth track
    • This is replaced by the functionality on
    • Balloon models "WindMaster Add-On, Models 3D 1.0" and "WindMaster Add-On, Balloon models 3D 2.0" can be unistalled if it is no longer used by 
    • DirectX is thereby no longer required
  • "Shared-user-question" at start
    • Shared files is achieved with file short-cuts (introduced in WindMaster 4.20.0)
  • No support for Maps of type .rik (Swedish propriety map format) and .ozf (OziExplorer propriety map format)
    • File format .ogf is used instead
  • Flight instrument DBI from Digitool
  • Sending Waypoints to NMEA GPSes
  • Tablet Pc Control window 
    • These functions are or solved with tuch screen and pop-up keyboard
  • APRS Internet window
    • Limit use. Internet tracking has these functions
  • "Show Current Map Coverage" function
    • Solved by "Show all maps' coverage"
  • Transient filter for some NMEA GPSes
    • Not needed on modern GPSes
  • Support for connecting serial  GPS via Kenwood radio
    • Most new GPSes have USB interfaces

WindMaster 4 will at least be supported to 2014-06-30.


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