WindMaster 4.16.3

by Ulf Ekstedt 26. July 2013 13:26

WindMaster 4.16.3 with the following features  compared to 4.16.2

  • Balloon icon for SE-ZKH (#/), SE-ZIF (#^), SE-ZIU (#_) and SE-ZKH(#`) introduced


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WindMaster 4.16.2

by Ulf Ekstedt 19. July 2013 10:30

WindMaster 4.16.2 with the following features and error corrections compared to 4.16.0

  • Fixing problem when not displaying full zoomed-in maps
  • Balloon icon for OY-LOK (#.) introduced
  • Zoom In/Out with mouse wheel based on mouse pointer location
  • Possible to use fragmented OGF2-files (e.g. A & 6GB file could be split to several 2GB to enable transfere via USB stick)


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WindMaster 4.16.0

by Ulf Ekstedt 12. July 2013 16:29

WindMaster 4.16.0 with the following features and error corrections compared to 4.15.1

  • A complete new Map-engine
    •  Faster - Support for Tile Images file formats such as .ogf, ozf2 and some .ozf3 (those not encrypted by OziExplorer 
    •  Support for ogf2 files that is >2Gbytes (good for maps of a complete country) 
    •  Zoom out possible for .bmp images 
  • Temporary files are stored under sub-directory "Temp" in Directory "WindMaster Data"
  • Introduce Polkovo transformation
  • Support for .ecw files has be temporary disabled - Will be supported in one the next releases again


File format .ogf2 will give the best performance These files can be generated with "Ogf2 Map Converter"( The next version of WindMaster will have this conversion built-in


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