WindMaster 4.16.8

by Ulf Ekstedt 19. August 2013 15:02

WindMaster 4.16.8 with the following features and bug fixes compared to 4.16.7

  • Zoom In/out in Altitude chart with mouse wheel or touch screen
  • Replacing ":" and "[]" with "." when combining Them/sender
  • Showing device status for received team/senders in Internet tracking
  • Fixing fault when not showing tool tip text in device status panel
  • Fixing run-time error when plotting windgraph received over tracking
  • Fixing run-time error when not using Grmn port


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WindMaster 4.16.7

by Ulf Ekstedt 15. August 2013 16:20

WindMaster 4.16.7 with the following features and bug fixes compared to 4.16.6

  • Fixing installation problems on 4.16.6
  • Fixing run-time error with "clsPresSymb"



WindMaster 4.16.6

by Ulf Ekstedt 11. August 2013 21:30

WindMaster 4.16.6 with the following features and bug fixes compared to 4.16.4

  • The Map window is fully adapted for Windows 8 touch screen with both panning and two-finger zoom in/out
  • Change step in scroll wheel and multi touch screen. Each two step change the scale a factor of 2
  • Enable short input of coordinates with 10 digits as "12345-12345" or "12345 12345" in the Single Waypoint dialog box. The last digit is the meter digit.
  • Logging received Internet messages
  • Better validating numeric values in forms
  • Correcting run-time error when closing Single Waypoint dialog box with "OK" without any data


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WindMaster 4.16.4

by Ulf Ekstedt 6. August 2013 19:37

WindMaster 4.16.4 with the following features  compared to 4.16.3

  • Drag of map is now possible with mouse or screen touch.
  • Click on map is now double click
  • Reducing prediction error thresholds for sending track positions to track server:
    • Horizontal: 10 => 5 m
    • Vertical: 20 => 10 m


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