WindMaster 5.1.0 & 4.21.0

by Ulf Ekstedt 28. January 2014 06:45

WindMaster 5.1.0(WindMaster Setup 5.1.0.exe) and 4.21.0(WindMaster Software, 4.21.0.msi) with changes of the following common functions

  • Correcting fault with aircraft that points in wrong direction
  • All Menu items got tool-tip text
  • "Select Regions" dialog box also got scalable text
  • "Default" menu item changed to "Home"
  • Unused combo box for in menu for vertical cursing speed removed
  • Menu items "Map" and "2D Map" merged to one menu item called "Map"
  • Menu items "Communication" renamed "Network"
  • Changing all fonts to "Microsoft Sans Serif"

WindMaster 5.1.0 with full windows tablet support for touch screen

  • Full control over menus
  • Size of menus and display sizes scalable via menu item "View"/"Set display sizes"
  • Added Scalable Icons
  • Enabling setting of "relative map width" via menu/keyboard
  • Make display of keyboard short cuts in menus optional
  • Full-screen mode for better use of display area. Screen is minimized by clicking on upper-left windmaster icon


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