WindMaster 4.15.1

by Ulf Ekstedt 9. June 2013 16:37

WindMaster 4.15.1 with the following features and error corrections compared to 4.14.8:

  • Enable to display air space definitions from OpenAir files. The .txt files from shall be placed in the top directory of a region
  • Added support for US "DIGITAL OBSTACLE FILE" in Regions. The .dat files from shall be placed in the top directory of a region
  • Change of some line colors and line width. All the colors in Settings.xml are given as with a name e.g. Green, LightGreen,Blue
  • Waypoints files enable definition of multipoint areas
  • Comment text also displayed with GND for Waypoints
  • Fixing fault with Garmin GPS port not turning off during replay
  • Introduce logging of successful Internet database query
  • Fixing problem with not removing original name of renamed waypoints
  • Balloon SE-ZIR("#,") added
  • Better error checking of faulty tile-map naming
  • Enabling "Unsupported File Name Calibration" for map tiles as used by NixANZ and BitMap(
  • Correcting fault (Introduced in 4.14.4) of not showing fastest path
  • Correcting run-time error when sending waypoints over internet
  • Correcting fault of not having the right replay symbols


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