WindMaster 4.13.0

by Ulf Ekstedt 3. September 2011 22:52

WindMaster 4.13.0 with the following features and error corrections compared to 4.11.7:

  • Shortcut can be shown in altitude chart. this is controlled from the Target-menu
  • Target and Next target get dashed lines in altitude chart when they reach outer boundary
  • LineStyle, that is set in in callsign translation, works in altitude chart
  • Correcting run-time fault when unpacking some wrz files.
  • Waypoints files are now imported with a command in target-menu
  • All xml-files are now according to xml-standard. Corrupt files are automatically repaired. the original is saved with the file extension .xml_old. Complete directory structures can also be checked and repaired through command in Track-menu


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